Blow off your post holiday blues

4th pool

Post holiday blues aren’t just for Thanksgiving and Christmas, if you’re anything like me you spent the July 4th weekend surrounded by family and friends, enjoying the great summer weather, barbecuing, and maybe having a few drinks.  Then it all goes away and you have to go back to work on Monday and face the prospect of a full week of mind numbing drudgery, or at least it feels that way after vacation.  Everyone is back to their lives and you’re feeling a little bit let down.  If so you aren’t alone.

Here’s a few tips for minimizing the letdown.

Limit Alcohol consumption.  Studies have shown that moderate intake isn’t all that bad, but excessive intake is actually linked to depression.  So have a few with your friends but don’t overdo it.  You’ll be happier the week after and there will be less stories that start with “Remember July 4th?  I’ve never seen anything like it. . . “   On a side note this is how most of my friends start conversations with me.

Prepare yourself.  You know it’s coming, you’ve been here before, so you can either choose the path of least resistance, Netflix binge and junk food, or plan ahead and give yourself something to do the week after.  As tempting as 100 episodes of Futurama or Departures and greasy pizza is, get out and do something.  Make plans to try something new, maybe a cooking class so you can make your own greasy pizza.  Anything to get you out of the house and into something new.

Exercise and Nutrition.  It’s a lot easier to feel good when you actually physically feel good, plan to exercise and eat right the week after, with your body feeling good, your mind will find it a lot easier to feel good too.  This is great advice that I never seem to be able to follow through with so don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t happen, just try again next time!

Surround yourself with people.  It’s hard to get out the week after a holiday, but make a big effort, make plans with your friends, go see a movie, have dinner (ahem. . . a healthy one right?  Right.), go for a walk and mark two things off your list.  Just do something to get out of your space and expose yourself to a new experience.

Hopefully if you do it right you’ll be too busy to be that let down after the holiday.


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