Global Village Champions Foundation: Twitter Top Five Supporters

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Help Fight World Hunger

Global Village Champions Foundation: Twitter TopFive Supporters

(Thank you Jackie Bigford)


“One Voice” 4 Mental Health Awareness from Lisa Mitchell

“If given the chance to raise the awareness on a global magnitude, I promise that Mental Illness Awareness will NO longer be a stigma. We need people of influence to be our champions. We need media coverage to stop the shame, blame and stigma. My goal is to involve Celebrities/ Rock artists to speak out with us at a BIG rock viewed GLOBALLY! Each activist for their cause to be heard. We need to join as one voice for that change. We CAN change this. There are enough of us to make a difference but we MUST join together.” ~Lisa Mitchell

Lisa Mitchell

Unity in one color – Lime Green to address ALL issues of Mental Health globally by wearing the cause bracelet:


Mitt Romney on Health Care: A Particular Spin

Mitt Romney‘s view on US healthcare. Do you agree with his points on “Obamacare”?


Read article above to hear both sides. I’ll let you be the judge.

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